The people that are responsible for Digital Dreams Sound are also members of the band Milo Savage.

Milo Savage is a Powerhouse 4 piece Rock Band that toured the club and bar scene extensively in Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa and Western Wisconsin for nearly a decade. 

In their prime, Milo Savage performed well over 100 shows per year in venues ranging from five-nighters in small bars to rocking at an all night music festival. Milo Savage has also had the honor of opening for several National Acts, including Tesla, Firehouse, Kiss Army, Jimmy Van Zant, and Head East.

Members of Milo Savage included, Charles Ronquist as the longest tenured Bass Player and Joe Schlichter on Drums for nearly the entire life span of the band. Jeff Campbell (guitars - vocals) and Brian Anderson (keyboards - vocals) were founding members of Milo Savage. Their investment of both time and money kept the band going as musicians and equipment changed through the years.


While the Milo Savage Band is only one of several projects spawned from Jeff and Brian's collaboration, it is the only one to date that pursued any original music. When they found themselves no longer in a working band, both Jeff and Brian spent their time in STUDIO to begin recording original music.

The CD, Digital Dream was released in late 2007. Other then some great memories, it is all that remains of the original Milo Savage band.

Check out the newest  version of the band at an upcoming show.


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