There is so much to worry about in the days leading up to your wedding.  The consultation is your chance to cross the DJ off your list.

While we always try to choose music that will appeal to a wide range of guests, Digital Dreams still wants and APPRECIATES your input.  At the consultation, we will discuss such specifics as your First Dance choice and Parents Dance options as well as other events your guests are probably looking forward to.  We also mention items like entrances, games and group dances that most couples wish to weave into their evening.  

The consultations gives you the opportunity to ask any last minute questions and the chance for us all to go over time frames for the dinner, the dance and the events so we each know the flow of the evening.  

By the end of our meeting, we will also have the sheet to the right filled out.  

If you are the organized type, you can even print it out ahead of                                                                                     time but it is not required.